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NRC Health 2021 mid-year Healthcare Consumer Trends report

It is fair to say that the aftermath of COVID-19 continues to impact healthcare, and its social, economic, and political effects continue to unfold. While the future of healthcare feels tenuous at times, we are starting to see positive momentum in consumer behavior and in the ways in which they interact with traditional healthcare organizations.

Organizations that keep a watchful eye on customers will still have the most effective predictor for the future of healthcare in America. To that end, NRC Health is releasing our 2021 Mid-Year Healthcare Consumer Trends Report. Gleaned from millions of data points across more than 200,000 American households, captures an evolving snapshot of consumer sentiment, from the beginning of the pandemic to today.

It is encouraging to see that consumers are now engaging more with health organizations, closing the gap on delayed care, turning to telehealth options, and getting vaccinations. To that end, this report will outline how consumers sentiment continues to evolve along with several vital trendlines.