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2021 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report: Pediatrics

Pediatric patients are an exceptional population. That’s true in every year, but especially so in the year of a pandemic.

Without a doubt, pediatric providers across the country are grateful that their patients have largely been spared from COVID-19 itself. But that should not suggest that they have avoided the pandemic’s impact.

To better care for pediatric patients in a post-COVID world, it will be helpful to pause and take stock. How have parental needs shifted in the months since COVID-19 began? How are they likely to evolve? And how can pediatric care organizations maintain meaningful connections with these customers—how can they achieve true Human Understanding?

This report explores these topics with insights gleaned from the country’s premier pediatric healthcare-consumer database. Through millions of datapoints captured from hundreds of thousands of consumer households, it will lend insight into what this exceptional population wants—and needs—from its providers.