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4 Takeaways from the October 2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

  1. Concerns continue to decline across the United States.
    1. “Other (please specify)” is mostly “no concerns” or “I am vaccinated”
  2. #1 Concern is “I am worried about the vaccine’s side effects” (31.1%)
    1. ↓0.8% from last month and ↓20.5% from its peak on 12/20
  3. Difference by Age & Race
    1. Younger adults, who are less likely to be vaccinated, have more concerns across the board.
    2. Black and Hispanic Americans have a wider range of concerns than White and Asian Americans.
  4. Deep Dive: Concerns by Vaccination Status (this data is not in the infogram)
    1. Those who say they will never get the vaccine seem to have multiple concerns.