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4 takeaways from the September 2021 COVID-19 vaccine survey

  1. Plateau
    • According to CBS News report, vaccinations have plateaued. We are seeing this in our data as well as we are still hovering around the 50% vaccinated rate.
  1. No Vaccine
    • Consumers in 10 States have higher than 15% of respondents say the will never get the vaccine.
    • Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wyoming
  1. Concern – Side Effects
    • American’s #1 concern is the potential side effects of the vaccine at 31.9%.
  1. Trust
    • Trust in local hospitals and health systems reaches a new all-time high of 33.8%.  All forms of government continue to be below the 10% mark.
    • Nsight: Trust During Pandemic