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7 insights to know: February 2021 COVID-19 vaccine study

Throughout the pandemic, NRC Health has gathered feedback from consumers across the country on various COVID-19–related topics. NRC Health’s ongoing study is the largest healthcare-consumer study in the United States, gathering feedback from tens of thousands of consumers every month. In this updated infogram, we’re now making that February data available. Full details are outlined below, in addition to comparisons to the results from the previously released October 2020–January 2021 data, in which we assessed how people felt about receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

Looking specifically at February’s data, nearly 23,000 people from across the United States provided their feedback. According to the Mayo Clinic, 70% of the U.S. population needs to be vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity—and according to our research, we may just get there. Nationally, we are on track to get really close to this number, with 9.8% vaccinated and 60% more indicating that they are willing to get the vaccine—making that total 69.8%.

The following are additional insights uncovered in NRC Health’s February COVID-19 vaccination study. These insights are shown on the national level, but you can explore them further by state or large market by clicking the dropdown in the interactive infographic below.

As the vaccination-distribution process continues to roll out across the U.S., NRC Health will continue to track the feelings of American consumers on this momentous issue.

  1. Vaccinate
    • 9.8% say they have gotten the vaccine (↑6.1%)
    • 60% of the 22,698 February respondents say they will get vaccinated (45.2% will be vaccinated ASAP; 14.8% will wait)
  2. Never
    • 11.7% say they will never get the COVID-19 vaccine
    • This number continues to decline (↓0.9% from January)
  3. Herd Immunity
    • According to the Mayo Clinic, we need 70% of our population to be vaccinated or to have recovered from COVID-19
    • Nationally, we are on track to get really close to this number, with 9.8% vaccinated and 60% willing to get the vaccine, for a total of 69.8% (45.2% will be vaccinated ASAP; 14.8% will wait)
    • 18/48 states are above 70%, when we look at those numbers combined
  4. Concerns
    • 8 of respondents’ top 10 concerns saw a decrease month-over-month
    • “It’s hard to find time to get vaccinated” ↑1.3%; “Fear of needles/injections” ↑0.9%
  5. Fear
  6. Race
    • We see willingness to get vaccinated vary drastically by race
    • “Never get vaccine”: White = 11.2%, Black = 19.5%, Asian = 5.5%, Hispanic = 15.1%
    • Black and Hispanic Americans are considerably more concerned than white or Asian Americans
    • “Fear I will get COVID-19 from the vaccine”: White = 8.7%, Black = 16.2%, Asian = 8.8%, Hispanic = 13.5%
  7. Cost
    • 7.9% of respondents in February said the vaccine “…will likely be too expensive”
    • ↓0.2% from January; this is also moving in the right direction, as more Americans are learning that the vaccines are being provided by the federal government at no cost (according to the CDC)