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NRC Health Regional Summit in Houston, TX

March 1, 2022  |  11:30 A.M.–4:00 P.M. CT
InterContinental Houston – Medical Center
Houston, Texas

Welcome to NRC Health’s Regional Summit!

COVID-19 continues to upend standard models of care and alter the trajectory of consumerism, with consequences that may take years to fully comprehend, leaving many organizations to wonder “now what?” What’s here to stay, what’s on the horizon, and how do you shape an organization agile enough to respond to the rapidly changing demands of a new era in healthcare?

The answer lies with consumers— the best predictor for the future of healthcare in America. NRC Health’s 2022 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report provides these insights, grounded in the single largest database of American healthcare consumers, delivering an evolving snapshot of sentiment across the industry landscape.

To help you examine the wealth of information contained in the NRC Health’s 2022 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report, NRC Health’s Regional Summit will bring together healthcare leaders for a facilitated discussion centering on its findings and the trends shaping the healthcare industry today, presenting opportunities to address challenges and opportunities. After attending this half-day Regional Summit, you will better understand the vital role Human Understanding plays in developing strategic plans and will be better able to serve your local community and create Human Understanding within your organization.