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NRC Health’s 2023 Pediatric Collaborative 

March 29-30, 2023

NRC Health is excited to partner with Phoenix Children’s for the 2023 Pediatric Collaborative, March 29-30. Registration is opening soon!

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Credit: Phoenix Children’s

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Invaluable pediatric connections

Engage with those in your field
to learn and share ideas


Strategic education

Innovative solutions to truly personalize
care and empower physicians


Inspiring speakers

Find motivation from presenters making
the case for humanizing pediatric care

“Great networking opportunities and NRC ALWAYS puts on a great, well‐planned, relevant event.”

“This is the first conference where my food intolerances were so perfectly addressed. I am very grateful for the attention and care. Every year this collaborative is more and more engaging. I come for the learning and networking and feel that I come to a place where I belong.”

Very informative and inspiring, reignite passion after a challenging past year.