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A purpose-fueled culture: Human understanding inside NRC Health

The Associates of NRC Health are united by one purpose: to bring human understanding to healthcare.

For our partners, this translates into our deep sense of ownership and responsibility for the data, insights, and counsel we provide—approaching every partner’s business as our own. We take a holistic view and bring rigor to our analysis, focusing on what matters most to the patients, residents, families, customers, and communities our partners serve.

While we often talk about the journey to human understanding we are on with our partners, it’s important to note that human understanding also lives within the walls at NRC Health—in the culture and community of our Associates.

Our Associates…
Have purpose. They do work that matters for our partners, community, and the healthcare industry.

  • Think boldly. They have big ideas and are empowered to solve business challenges and develop a career path that aligns with their passions.
  • Feel connected. Collaborating and celebrating meaningful work, they are each other’s favorite part of coming to work each day.
  • Are understood. No matter what makes them different, what matters most to each of them is respected and supported.

Help us spread the word!
It’s our sincerest hope to inspire other organizations in the way human understanding has inspired us—to create an environment where each person feels heard, respected, and cared for.

We are honored to have been nominated in the category of Best Work Environment in the Lincoln’s Choice Awards, and would appreciate your support in sharing our mission.

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