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A reminder: we’re rooting for you

Already, the costs of COVID-19 are proving to be as bad as we might have feared. As the disease claims lives and strains resources in facilities across the country, exhausted providers are repeating a striking observation: this doesn’t feel like an illness. It feels like a war.

And just as a war-time footing calls us to stand behind our troops, in the battle against the coronavirus, we’re called to support our providers. At NRC Health, we want to recognize and thank our country’s nurses, physicians, leadership, support staff, and other professionals in healthcare for braving the frontlines of the epidemic.

Right now, at this very moment, you modern-day heroes are putting duty before safety, caring for others at substantial risk to yourselves — or even to your families. Your personal sacrifices are an inspiration, a singular source of hope amid grim reports from the outbreak.

When we’ve contained the contagion, and the country begins to move on, it’s no exaggeration that millions of us will have you to thank for saving our lives.

You’re heroes. Please don’t forget it. And please remember to take care of yourselves as well as you take care of us.