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Adaptability Key in Consumer-Centered Healthcare, Patient Experience

Published on patientengagementhit.com, December 20, 2018.

As hospitals and health systems face an uncertain future, they will need to be agile and ready to deliver the consumer-centered care that yields positive patient satisfaction and engagement, according to a recent report from NRC Health.

The report, which outlined healthcare trends from 2018 into the future, revealed that despite patient satisfaction with the current healthcare industry, hospitals and health systems face and uphill climb. After all, hospital visits have tapered off in recent years, leaving some health systems with deep financial woes.

The key to addressing those concerns is understanding what the patient wants and shifting healthcare offerings to deliver that, the report authors stated.

But the survey of over 1 million healthcare consumers across the country showed that patients have conflicting needs when it comes their healthcare. For example, 87 percent of patients said their providers treat them with courtesy and respect, marking an overall positive view of the healthcare system.

And yet some non-clinical pain points get in the way of an overall positive patient experience. Seventy-seven percent of patients said wait room times were a deep source of dissatisfaction. Sixty-seven percent of patients said they did not feel respected by an office’s non-clinical staff, and 34 percent had negative experiences with an organization’s billing department or billing process.