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Addressing vaccine hesitancy

Throughout the pandemic, NRC Health has gathered feedback from consumers across the country on various COVID-19–related topics. NRC Health’s ongoing study is the largest healthcare-consumer study in the United States, collecting feedback from tens of thousands of consumers every month. At the same frequency, NRC Health releases updated infograms to assess how people feel about receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

This data is garnering more attention around the ways it can be seen from different community perspectives. As the examples below show, since it’s such a large national data set, it can be examined regionally or more specifically to help understand individuals from different backgrounds and get to the heart of their concerns.

The Chicago Sun-Times recently released an article quoting NRC Health data around vaccine hesitancy in Illinois, showcasing how particular consumer concerns in their state can be better understood and addressed by healthcare leaders.

The National Institute of Health, in a journal article they released around vaccine hesitancy in the Black community, specifically quoted NRC Health’s vaccine data, noting that observing race-specific hesitancy can help healthcare organizations understand where they need to put focus to make people of different races feel more comfortable.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel released an article reiterating the information from The National Institute of Health’s article and showcasing how DJ Reggie “Smooth Az Butta” Brown was originally hesitant about the vaccine but is now encouraging others to get it. The article also notes NRC Health’s vaccine data, broken out by race, but goes a step further and discusses the top concerns of hesitant Black Americans.

Continue to watch for the next NRC Health vaccine data release to track shifts in how consumers are feeling about the COVID-19 vaccine.