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In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, it’s impossible to overstate the value of clarity.

Customers connect with brands that know how to communicate with them in a language they can understand. We want to help senior-care organizations forge those all-important connections with their customers. That’s why we’ve taken these steps to make our award program legible—and meaningful—to the senior-living customer base:

    • Clarifying what our award represents, so consumers can understand what experiences to expect from your communities
    • Recognizing organizations, instead of single facility locations, for cultivating consistent customer and
      employee experiences
    • Promoting top-performing brands in both customer and employee experience
    • Rewarding organizations and team members for their dedication to creating top experiences

NRC Health is proud to recognize the 2021 NRC Health Customer Approved & Employee Approved Awards!


2021 Customer Approved Winners

1. Artis Senior Living, McLean, VA
2. Lutheran Senior Life, Mars, PA
3. National HealthCare Corporation, Murfreesboro, TN*
4. HumanGood, Pleasanton, CA
5. Vetter Health Services, Elkhorn, NE*


2021 Employee Approved Winners

1. American Medical Facilities Management, Charleston, WV
2. National HealthCare Corporation, Murfreesboro, TN*
3. Vetter Health Services, Elkhorn, NE*
4. Mission Health, Tampa, FL
5. Goodman Group, Chaska, MN

*Indicates the organizations who won both the Customer Approved and the Employee Approved awards.

Scoring methodology

Awards are derived from organizational Net Promoter Scores, the industry’s most reliable measure of satisfaction and a high-validity proxy measure for loyalty. A percent-positive score was calculated for each facility with 10 or more responses to their “would recommend” question during 2020. Each facility was then grouped with other facilities serving the same population (i.e., placed with similar care settings), and the average score for each care setting was identified. Each facility score was then transformed into a z-score, which displayed the extent to which the facility scored above or below average when compared to other facilities within the same care setting. Systems with fewer than 10 eligible facilities were omitted, and system-level scores were calculated by taking the average of normalized facility scores. Systems were then rank-ordered, and the top 5 organizations were selected for each award category.