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Children’s of Alabama utilized the NRC Health Real-time Feedback solution to enable a culture shift

What is a culture shift? And what does it take to create one?

A culture shift is when change comes to the behaviors and beliefs of an organization and the people who work within it. This is something that doesn’t happen on its own—it’s something an organization has to focus on, and something that takes time.

Many organizations in all industries are hoping to achieve this kind of shift nowadays. This is particularly true of healthcare, which, over the past five or 10 years, has shifted not only from a fee-for-volume to a fee-for-value model, but also toward a new consumerism-focused conception of its purpose in general. But not everyone who seeks a culture change knows where to begin to look for it, or what tools are needed to enable it throughout their organization.

Read this case study on how Children’s of Alabama’s Vice President of Customer Service created a culture shift for the organization by adopting NRC Health’s Real-time Feedback solution.