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NRC Health Regional Summit in San Francisco, CA

October 27, 2021  |  11:30 A.M.–4:00 P.M. PT
JW Marriott | San Francisco Union Square
San Francisco, CA

Welcome to NRC Health’s Regional Summit!

2020 was one of the most transformative years the healthcare industry has ever faced. COVID-19 upended nearly every aspect of healthcare delivery—and consumer expectations shifted in step with them. But long before the global pandemic forever changed the course of healthcare, health-systems were thinking about inclusivity—and it was becoming more and more of an important driver of health-system strategy. Organizations across the country are now re-evaluating their approaches to diversity and inclusion in the hopes of creating experiences that are fair, equitable, and welcoming for everyone. However, therein lies a significant challenge.

NRC Health’s Regional Summits will bring together local healthcare leaders for a facilitated discussion around topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion to address challenges and opportunities particular to each region. After attending this half-day Regional Summit, you will better understand the intersection of Human Understanding and diversity, equity, and inclusion, and be better able to serve your local community and create Human Understanding within your organization.