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Human Understanding is more than a job to the associates of NRC Health. Find out why it's a passion for our team.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer“We’re championing a way of thinking that’s less about scores and more about insight. Less after-the-fact and more in-the-moment.” Chief Transformation Officer Michael D. Hays FOUNDER & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Helen Hrdy Mike Hays has served as Chief Executive Officer, and as a director since he founded NRC Health (National Research Corporation) in 1981. In his four-decades as CEO, Mike has led the charge to personalize healthcare, and support organizations in their understanding of each unique individual they serve. His successful tenure as CEO demonstrates consistency in providing direction and vision for the company today. Mike and his wife Karen both grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. They have a wonderful daughter, Ashley, and three amazing grandchildren. Their most recent family addition is a puppy named Coco. Mike enjoys travel, art, cars, and IndyCar racing – solely as a spectator! Chief Growth Officer Jona Raasch Chief Operating Officer Chief Growth Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Delivery Officer Chief Operating OfficerJona Raasch Chief Growth Officer CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Michael D. Hays Chief Financial Officer Chief Delivery Officer Chief Transformation Officer Jona Raasch has shared her healthcare expertise with NRC Health for nearly 40 years. Since joining the Company in 1984, Jona has held a variety of leadership roles. She’s helped hospitals and healthcare systems improve quality, communication, education, and patient experience. In her current role of Chief Operating Officer, she focuses on culture, recruitment, and development of NRC Associates. Jona also serves as CEO of The Governance Institute – a service of NRC Health that supports the efforts of healthcare boards. Prior to joining NRC Health, Jona was employed with A.C. Nielson. She has four grandkids and loves to travel. Jona’s favorite place to visit is Switzerland. Founder & Chief Executive Officer “Our associates are passionate about making a difference and work with our partners in the pursuit of Human Understanding. We hire the best & strive to provide an environment and culture that allows them to thrive.” Kevin Karas Chief Financial Officer Chief Financial Officer“We are focused on being a valued strategic business partner, providing solutions that enable our clients to be successful in meeting their strategic objectives while driving measurable economic results.” Kevin Karas CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Jona Raasch Chief Growth Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Delivery Officer Chief Transformation Officer Kevin Karas has served as NRC Health’s Chief Financial Officer since 2011. His career at NRC Health started in 2010 when he took over as Senior Vice President of Finance. His extensive background in finance has paved the way for a successful growth strategy. Prior to joining NRC Health Kevin served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance at several successful organizations. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife Linda. Kevin has three amazing daughters -- Maggie, Tayler, and Jamison. He likes hiking and skiing with his family at their home away from home in Winter Park, Colorado. Kevin is also an avid football fan – his favorite teams are the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Kansas City Chiefs! Chief Operating Officer Jon Boumstein Chief Delivery Officer Chief Delivery Officer"Making a difference in a patient’s life by driving operational excellence, continuous learning and customer centricity will enable us to build deeper partnerships with our clients and deliver high-value quality outcomes.” Jon Boumstein CHIEF DELIVERY OFFICER Kevin Karas Chief Growth Officer Jon Boumstein brings more than two decades of experience in executive leadership to NRC Health. As Chief Delivery Officer he works cross-functionally to deliver on strategy, and provides leadership for engineering, compliance, project management, operations, and support teams. Jon previously served as President and CEO of Data Dimensions. As a husband and father of four, family time is a top priority for Jon. He enjoys all kinds of sports, but baseball is his favorite – he’s a fan of the Chicago Cubs! Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Delivery Officer Chief Transformation Officer Greg Makoul Chief Transformation Officer Chief Transformation Officer“Treating patients as individuals, rather than types or groups is the key to transcending transactions, conveying respect, meeting needs, and developing relationships that promote better health and more equitable healthcare.” Chief Operating Officer Greg Makoul, PhD MS CHIEF TRANSFORMATION OFFICER Jon Boumstein Dr. Gregory Makoul is internationally recognized for expertise in physician-patient communication and shared decision making as well as a radical common sense, person-centered approach to healthcare innovation. As Chief Transformation Officer at NRC Health he leads the Human Understanding Institute. He previously served as Founder and CEO of PatientWisdom, named one of the 100 companies in the world with the greatest potential to change healthcare, and sold the company to NRC Health in 2021. Greg is also on voluntary faculty at the Yale School of Medicine and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, following 15 years on the full-time faculty at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He lives on the Connecticut shoreline with his wife, Limor, and they have two daughters, Zoe and Laine. Chief Delivery Officer Chief Growth Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Delivery Officer Chief Transformation Officer Helen Hrdy Chief Growth Officer Chief Growth Officer“The work we do with our partners in pursuit of human understanding will improve healthcare—the way it’s designed and delivered—but more importantly, it will improve lives.” Chief Growth Officer Helen Hrdy CHIEF GROWTH OFFICER Greg Makoul Over the last 20 years, Helen Hrdy has helped hundreds of healthcare organizations better know each person they serve – their behaviors, preferences, wants, and needs - enabling Human Understanding. She has developed and led multidisciplinary teams with a primary focus on partner relationships. In her role as Chief Growth Officer Helen has a passion for leading and developing NRC Associates who embody service excellence and a customer-centric mindset. Helen lives in Lincoln with her husband, Paul, and spoiled cat, Precious. She loves to travel, walk, read, play word games, and cook and entertain friends and family in her home. Chief Transformation Officer Michael D. Hays Founder & Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Delivery Officer Chief Transformation Officer