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Executive Q&A with Chief Patient Care Officer Brandie Manuel at Jefferson Healthcare

Executive Q&A with Chief Patient Care Officer Brandie Manuel at Jefferson Healthcare

In healthcare, there is a growing revolution to embrace customer-obsession. When you think of why this shift is occurring, you generally think of out-of-industry organizations like Amazon who are now entering the healthcare market. When you think of Amazon in particular, and why they “win” with their consumers, it’s due to their constant recognition of their consumers’ need to have a seat at the table. They find ways to ask consumers to tell them what their needs and desires are, so that in the future they can not only meet these needs, but also anticipate and exceed them. Amazon fully expects to do the same thing in healthcare as they have done in their online retail business, and have hired some of the healthcare industry’s top experts to help them head up their healthcare division.

How can your hospital become consumer-obsessed? What do healthcare organizations need to learn to be able to compete against out-of-industry organizations that are trying to find a place in the healthcare world? Read this month’s Executive Q&A from the perspective of Jefferson Healthcare’s Chief Patient Care Officer, Brandie Manuel, to learn how her organization is embracing the shift to consumerism and becoming consumer-obsessed.

  1. How is healthcare different from other industries when it comes to consumerism?

Consumerism is different in healthcare when you compare it to organizations like Amazon or Netflix, because patients aren’t coming to us to select a movie or choose the best price for a product. They’re coming for their healthcare needs, and that’s personal. It takes a great amount of trust for them to continue to go somewhere to have their healthcare needs met. I think it’s incredibly different. The need to hear the patient’s voice, to hear the consumer’s voice and deliver on what it is they need, when they need it, in the place that they need it—that’s critical.

  1. Consumerism is different in healthcare. What does consumer-obsession in healthcare look like?

Giving our patients what they need, and more. Consumer-obsession in healthcare means recognizing that patients expect that they’re going to be taken care of. They expect quality care; they expect that they’re going to be safe. Additionally, it’s about what we do that goes above and beyond in those areas, as well as treating them as an individual. Making them feel that they are in the driver’s seat of their own healthcare, giving them a personalized experience that they didn’t expect, is being an organization that is truly consumer-obsessed.

  1. How is Jefferson Healthcare becoming consumer-obsessed?

One way that Jefferson Healthcare is striving toward consumer-obsession is by collaborating with our community. We are reaching out to empower them. Consumer-obsession, to us, is reaching out to create a community of wellness, and also being able to deliver on the promises that we’ve made them. Our promise is to provide them safe, high-quality healthcare. Our consumer’s voice is what really drives our entire business model at Jefferson Healthcare; we make sure our consumers have a seat at the table. 

  1. Where in the journey is Jefferson Healthcare when it comes to understanding your customers?

Jefferson Healthcare is getting closer. We’re certainly closer than we were five years ago. I think of our commitment to our patients and the ways that we work with them, such as our patient and family advisory council. They come in and collaborate with us on everything from healthcare delivery and billing/collections to access issues like being able to get through phone lines. No matter the topic, we bring our council in and we take their voices seriously. Partnering with our patients in that way has taken us much closer to understanding our customers than we were even a few years ago.

How is your organization becoming consumer-obsessed? How are you providing your consumer a seat at the table? We want to hear about it! Contact us at mcharko@nrchealth.com to schedule your interview today.