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Executive Q&A with Dr. Vinay Vaidya, SVP & Chief Medical Information Officer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

As healthcare organizations are continuing to innovate the one thing that must not be forgotten is the human connection. Consumers are expecting innovative technology now within hospitals and health systems; however, the human connection is what continues to bring them back.

In this installment of NRC Health’s Executive Q&A, hear from Dr. Vinay Vaidya, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, about how they are using technology as a tool to enable excellent clinical care and excellent patient experience.

1. What will healthcare consumers expect from their patient experiences in the years ahead? And how will hospitals and health systems keep up?

Similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, the basic needs of healthcare consumers will remain unchanged with the expectation that care is effective, safe, affordable and timely. In addition, patients will expect care to be patient-centered, compassionate and which involves the patient and family closely in the medical decision making process. Hospitals and health systems will have to adapt quickly to meet the new and rising expectations and achieve strong patient engagement. Technology will no doubt play a major role as hospitals and health systems gear up to meet this challenge.

2. What innovations do you see advancing consumer healthcare experiences and ultimately improving consumer loyalty in the coming years?

At Phoenix Children’s Hospital we place a strong emphasis on innovative technology solutions to deliver excellent clinical care and exceptional patient experience. Using real time disease management dashboards, fueled by a robust enterprise wide data warehouse provides our physicians with up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive patient information that improves safety, efficiency and productivity.  Similarly, patient-centric technologies such as patient portals, real time texting of normal laboratory results, and smartphone based appointment confirmations and reminders ensure seamless patient communication. Clinical expertise of providers, augmented by innovative technology and strong patient engagement produces positive clinical outcomes that ultimately result in long term customer loyalty.

3. How far out are we from mass acceptance and usage of telemedicine and digital health solutions? 

Telemedicine has actually been around for quite some time. In fact, prior to the advent of modern videoconferencing and telehealth tools, simple physician-patient phone interactions were really the first iteration of telemedicine. We now view telemedicine as more of a digital health platform that facilitates virtual health visits. The widespread use of smartphone and social media amongst the general population, coupled with rapid advances in technology has paved the way for mass acceptance of telemedicine, both by the patients as well as providers. We are already witnessing a significant uptake of telemedicine technologies and I think that this trend will gain further momentum in the years to come.

4. When you were implementing your EHR solution to allow the physician to see the patient’s whole picture with less screens and clicks, how important was NRC Health’s Real-time patient and family feedback?

We are consistently working to improve the patient and family experience, so real time feedback is crucial to what we do. Any opportunities for a physician to quickly access a complete picture of the patient at the point of care not only makes for a more effective and efficient visit, it also meets the patient’s expectations of being known when they visit their provider. With NRC Health’s Real-time feedback, we can measure the experience of our patients and families faster to see how our digital investments have improved their overall experience with our healthcare delivery.

Technology is a tool that is needed to help enable patient-centered care, but it is not the only tool. Delivering the best patient experience possible with the best clinical outcome is the ultimate goal. How is your organization embracing technology to be more patient-centered? How are you ensuring that you are meeting the needs of your customers? We want to hear about it! Contact us at mcharko@nrchealth.com to schedule your interview.