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From a choice to a relationship

As the healthcare industry and its consumers evolve, so too does the measure of success and achievement.

For over two decades, National Research Corporation (NRC) and its Market Insights survey have delivered the voice of the consumer in healthcare to determine the most-preferred hospitals in the country: The Consumer Choice Award.

This year, we want to recognize the strong brands that have captured their consumers at the point-of-choice during the past 21 years as well as congratulate the winners of the 2016/17 Consumer Choice Award. Consumers see these hospitals as having the best doctors, best nurses, best image and reputation, and best overall quality in their respective markets.

It is well documented that healthcare consumers are tipping the scales in their own favor, and gone are the days when meeting them at the point-of-decision is enough. Relationships with consumers must be established, trust built, and loyalty earned in order for healthcare organizations to better care for the communities they serve.

According to 2016 Market Insights data, 42 percent of healthcare consumers are not loyal to a healthcare brand, and if they don’t have a primary care provider, consumer loyalty drops to 28 percent. Developing strong patient relationships is fundamental to building healthy communities, and with the lifetime value of a consumer at $1.4 million—as estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau—loyalty is key to the growth and profitability of a healthcare organization.

And thus, loyalty— a sacred relationship built on trust, shared understanding, mutual respect, and the desire to help—is one of the greatest opportunities for health organizations and the communities they serve.

We celebrate the 2016/17 Consumer Choice Award winners and are excited to announce a shift in 2017/18 to an award that honors this newfound, yet undeniable need for enduring relationships in healthcare. Look forward to information throughout 2017 as we articulate the science behind this new loyalty-based award as well as shed light on how healthcare organizations can improve consumer loyalty in their markets.

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