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Healthcare marketer perspective: Rob Birgfeld from Inova Health

Being a healthcare marketer means working in an evolving industry–one that faces not only new programs and regulations, but also new consumer expectations.

We at National Research Corporation (NRC) always appreciate when our partners share their perspectives on how they’re approaching the unique challenges of healthcare marketing.  Rob Birgfeld, AVP and Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Inova, recently gave an interview about his view of the industry as a whole and how Inova is using digital marketing tactics to create a better experience for consumers.

Birgfeld cites three top trends emerging in the healthcare industry: consumerism, transparency, and the digital experience.

All three of these trends are ones NRC is helping clients not only stay on top of, but get ahead of. In particular, Inova has taken advantage of NRC’s transparency solution to publish physician ratings and reviews on their website.

“It represented a truly coordinated effort and generated a truly differentiated and valuable tool for consumers looking for data to help them choose the right physicians,” said Birgfeld.

Birgfeld also called out the importance of having experts on your side, saying “The digital space is so fast moving, don’t ever give yourself too much credit. There is always, always, always someone who knows more than you. A thirst for learning new technologies, new platforms, analytical approaches and exploration will keep you, your projects and your strategies relevant and honest.”

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