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Highlights from the inaugural PatientX Summit

The inaugural PatientX Summit, powered by Hackensack Meridian Health and NRC Health, welcomed attendees with a common objective: gain a better understanding of how to improve the patient experience through an enhanced connection with healthcare providers and patients.

Interactive sessions fostered the acquisition of new skills to bring back to the workplace. Insightful addresses left audiences with actionable insights for their roles. But the principal value of the Summit came from its intimate scale and the dynamic discussions it fostered among its attendees.

It was an honor to host this forum, and to give leaders like you the chance to come together and devise solutions to healthcare’s most pressing problems. It’s dialogue like this that enriches the entire industry—and more importantly, improves the experiences we cultivate for patients.

Key insights

Offered below are some of the most memorable and important take-aways from the Summit’s presenters and facilitators.

Richard Leider on connecting to purpose

“Purpose is a mindset, not a cause. Purpose is a practice, not a revelation. Purpose is in our DNA, not a luxury.”

Brian Wynne, VP and General Manager, NRC Health, on intentional design for loyalty

“You have to decide whom you’re designing for. All your subsequent decisions flow from that. It’s the most important place to be intentional.”

Ellen Angelo, CNO, and Kim L. Carpenter, CMO, on the importance of dyad leadership

“It’s the best way to build alliances between doctors and nurses, as well as the best way to address the Quadruple Aim.”

Sharon Gordon, giving “thanks for human care” from a patient’s point of view

“I have to thank you for your commitment to human care, and thank you for taking the time to see me as a human being.”

James Blazar on how to bring together the human experience and organizational strategy

“If you want to transform healthcare to make it better, make it more user-friendly and improve the status quo, then view all strategies from the eyes of the customer/patient.”

These excerpts just scratch the surface of what we learned at the PatientX Summit—and you can join these leaders and others in August at NRC Health’s 25th Annual Symposium. You’ll hear from healthcare leaders around the country on where they are on the journey to understanding their consumers better and creating a more personalized patient experience.

Featured sessions you won’t want to miss

  • IU Health will discuss how to transform an organization by co-designing healthcare with patients and families
  • Northwell Health’s SVP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Ramon Soto, will showcase how Northwell Health has built a “destination healthcare brand”
  • Community Health Network’s Ron Thieme, Chief Experience Officer, will explain the organization’s journey to human experience, focusing not just on patients and families but also on consumers, employees, and providers
  • NRC Health will host a panel of organizations, including Oregon Health & Science University and Dayton Children’s Hospital, as they discuss the best initiatives they implemented last year
  • Nancy Wick Littlefield, EVP and CNO of Riverside Health, will describe best practices for implementing Real-time to achieve desired ROI

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