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Highlights from NRC Health Symposium

This year’s Symposium was an edifying experience for us at NRC Health. While our keynote speakers brought unique and penetrating insights to the forum, the Symposium’s real value, as always, came from the attendees. Their presence enriched the discussion; their leadership pointed the way forward for our industry. It was an honor to host them.

This year’s gathering generated a particularly dynamic conversation. The Symposium in San Diego featured an unprecedented breadth of expertise. We changed the format for this year’s forum, bringing Marketing and Patient Experience leaders together for the first time.

Always interrelated, these facets of the organization will come to depend more and more on each other as healthcare evolves into its consumer-oriented future. Whether you’re on a Marketing or a Patient Experience team, we know you have much to contribute to the dialogue. Both dimensions of healthcare thought will be critical for success in addressing the industry’s most urgent goal—earning the continued loyalty of patients.

Click this link to discover a few of the key insights gathered from the 2018 symposium and for more information on the award winners.