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How Allina Health implemented positive process change to keep up with the evolving pandemic

Across the world, entire industries, many economies, and billions of lives have been turned upside-down by the coronavirus pandemic—and healthcare systems have carried much of the burden in fighting this insidious disease.

Allina Health is a prime example of remarkable resourcefulness in the face of this crisis. Executives at Allina Health knew that if they were going to get through the pandemic while keeping their staff and patient populations safe, they needed strategic reinforcements. The organization turned to NRC Health’s Real-time Feedback solution to better understand what its patients and physicians needed while the situation drastically evolved from day to day.

As a result, Allina Health has leveraged invaluable patient-sentiment data and innovated to implement positive process change, keep up with the evolving experiences and perspectives of its patient populations, and ensure its leaders are delivering on their top priority: keeping their patients and employees safe.

Listen to this fireside chat, featured at NGPX, and hear how Allina Health used innovative thinking to adapt and evolve throughout the global crisis—or read more about their journey to keep ahead of the pandemic, as it continued to change.