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How Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills achieved excellence, won Improvement Best Practice Award

Kaiser Permanente has been committed to driving organizational change by developing evidence-based initiatives to deliver better care experiences to their patients. Because of their success, Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills was presented the NRC Health Improvement Best Practice Award at the 2016 Symposium. The award is presented annually to an organization that has implemented a best practice that’s resulted in an achievement of outstanding performance in patient or resident-centered care and healthcare outcomes.

We had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Glenn Pascual, Director of Operations and Hospital Service, Kaiser Permanente, on the key initiatives that led to their success. Read Dr. Pascual’s narrative below to see what inspired their improvement and how the award has continued to propel Kaiser Permanente towards their vision to be the best medical center in the nation.

Dr. Glenn Pascual, Director of Operations
and Hospital Service, Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills is honored to have received the 2016 NRC Improvement Best Practice Award. We’re grateful for what we learned from our medical center colleagues across the organization as well as from the process itself, which helped us streamline and sharpen many of our processes, resources, organizational elements, and strategies.

Over the last three years, we’ve partnered with NRC Health and used knowledge from our local, regional, and national counterparts to develop evidence-based initiatives that improved our care experience delivery. By emphasizing innovation in service delivery at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills, we enabled growth and landed at a point where we weren’t just surviving, but thriving. Plus, we were able to accomplish objectives that were best and right for our members.

“The Improvement Best Practice Award serves as a reminder to our organization that our commitment to improvement positively impacted our patients, families and staff, and we continue to strive each and every day to be the best medical center in the nation.”

Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills utilized their partnership with NRC Health to drive organizational change and deliver better care experiences to their patients. Learn more about the Improvement Best Practice Award and see how your organization can be recognized for your success.

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