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How Market Insights drives smart strategy at Community Health Network

Community Health Network, in central Indiana, is facing a moment of ambition.

The organization’s leaders have plotted a course for the next few years, and it is as sweeping as it is important. They’re calling it “Human Experience 2020,” and their goal is nothing short of totally reforming Community Health Network’s relationships with both its patients and its staff.

To execute on such an expansive strategy, Community Health Network needed consumer intelligence that was both broad and precise. They wanted a partner who could help them achieve a comprehensive clarity on the same scale as their ambitions. For that, they turned to NRC Health.

“Community Health Network is on a journey to become a customer-obsessed company,” says Ron Thieme, Community Health Network’s EVP and Chief Experience Officer. “NRC Health’s Voice of the Customer platform is a key tool we’re using to do that.”

Here’s how just one of NRC Health’s solutions—Market Insights—is helping to drive Human Experience 2020 to success.

Perfecting the brand voice

A crucial part of Community Health Network’s plans is extending the influence of its brand. Community Health Network wants its institutional relationships to extend into its surrounding community. Experiences that happen outside the hospital’s walls, then, are just as important as those that happen within them. To ensure that these external brand interactions were pitch-perfect, Community Health Network tested their outreach with Market Insights.

Market Insights, part of NRC Health’s comprehensive Voice of the Customer (VOC) platform, is the country’s largest healthcare-consumer database. It has respondents in 310,000 households across more than 300 markets. With it, health systems can deploy customized surveys, with precise demographic targeting, to uncover the forces at work in the communities they serve.

At Community Health Network, the marketing team relied on Market Insights to hone in on one important aspect of Community Health Network’s outreach: advertising.

Before rolling out a major campaign to support its mammography services, the team wanted to see if their slogan resonated with the area’s women.

Market Insights quickly showed them they had a hit on their hands: 48% of customers reported “very much” liking the ad, while 69% found it “very believable.” One customer even said, “I have a mammography scheduled somewhere else, but after viewing this ad I’m going to try and switch.”

On the strength of such glowing reviews, Community Health Network knew they could move forward, assured that the campaign would reach their intended audience. For Deb Kenemer, Community Health Network’s Executive Director of Digital Marketing, that kind of assurance is invaluable.

“Market Insights gives us a heightened sense of confidence in the work that we do,” Deb says, “in all of our marketing plans, and in the data we share with our executive team.”

Expansion—with precision

Community Health Network’s second important deployment of Market Insights came when they wanted to extend their telehealth offerings.

It was a timely idea. Patients have lately become so eager to embrace telehealth that they may migrate away from providers that don’t offer it. But integrating telehealth into a traditional health system is no small task. It comes with significant concerns surrounding security, infrastructure, and costs.

Community Health Network wanted to balance these concerns against their customers’ demand, ensuring that their telehealth practice wouldn’t end up siphoning away the system’s limited resources. Market Insights helped Community Health Network’s leaders calibrate their telehealth offerings to suit what their consumers were looking for.

“We were able to use Market Insights to really drill down to patients’ specific requirements for telehealth,” Deb says. “That included when they would use it, why they would use it, and what price point feels most reasonable to them.”

The organization discovered, for instance, that 59% of their community’s residents were amenable to having simple follow-up visits conducted via telehealth, while 70% of residents would also be willing to use a telehealth appointment (with their own doctors) for minor urgent medical needs. The survey also revealed that a vast majority of patients believed that $20–$25 would be a reasonable price for a telehealth appointment.

This intelligence helped Community Health Network’s team estimate volumes for their telehealth practice at various pricing levels. With those estimates in hand, it became much easier to justify the expense of building out a telehealth infrastructure.

“Market Insights is a key tool for us to find out what patients need, so we can organize around those needs, instead of what we perceive those needs to be,” says Ron.

Much more to learn

The above is just a fraction of what Community Health Network has achieved with NRC Health’s comprehensive VOC platform. Market Insights, after all, is just one of the tools at their disposal.

A full case study about Community Health Network’s progress reveals how their leadership has used other components of NRC Health’s comprehensive offerings, including:

– The role of Transparency’s star-ratings in bolstering a healthy competition between providers

– How Real-time’s qualitative data points revealed specific areas for improving patient experiences

Transitions’s effect on Community Health Network’s post-discharge call program

– And more!

As Ron put it, “Our strategic direction is oriented around the customer. So NRC Health’s Voice of the Customer platform helps us get to what’s really important, and measure our progress along that strategic journey.”

If that sounds like a goal your health system shares, you may benefit from reading the full case study. Click here to download it today.