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Three things you should do during National Nurses week

Healing is hard work. It takes dedication, diligence, and compassion. And too often, the workers who do it—our nurses—go unappreciated.

Every day, they don their scrubs and they deliver. They bring traumatized patients back from the brink; they ease a child’s fears in an exam room; they hold a resident’s hand in a nursing home. The cumulative effect of these unglamorous efforts is a happier, healthier population. We shouldn’t take that for granted.

This National Nurses’ Week, remember how much depends on our nursing workforce. Here are three things you can do:

  • Say Thank You. Everybody likes to feel appreciated. If you’ve had a care experience recently, or if a nurse has looked after one of your loved ones, take the effort to say thanks. Nurses don’t hear it enough, and they deserve it.
  • Mind Your Manners. There’s no denying that from a patient’s point of view, healthcare comes with frustrations. Long wait times, big bills, and confusing processes can leave patients fuming. But try to remember: nurses can’t control it all. So resist the temptation to snap. Treat them with courtesy and respect. That will make their day better, and it will go a long way toward creating a better healing environment for everyone.
  • Shout it Out. In healthcare, much of the glory goes to high-flying specialists. Doctors and surgeons deserve the accolades they get—but the work of nurses is just as important. Shine a little light on healthcare’s unsung heroes. Tell your family and friends about a great nurse who affected your life. Share stories on social media (and use the hashtag #NursesWeek!). Nurses deserve their time in the sun, and you can help give it to them.

Simple things, aren’t they?

But those little efforts can make a world of difference for a nurse near you. Few people deserve to be celebrated as much as our nurses do. This week is the perfect opportunity to give them what they’ve earned.

So from May 6th to May 12th, do your part—and thank a nurse!