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Letter from Mike Hays, CEO, NRC Health

40 years ago, NRC Health was founded with a vision to maximize humanity in healthcare. For four decades, in partnership with our valued customers, it has been our mission to recognize and reaffirm what most of us already know: that care encounters are more than just transactions, that a provider’s role is more than just clinical, and that behind every person is a story.

Seeing the person behind the consumer, the story behind the diagnosis, is what we mean when we say, “human understanding.” From the beginning, that understanding has been the animating spirit behind our work.

Together we have had much to celebrate. But we also still have much more work to do. Today’s healthcare consumer is more empowered than ever before—and yet, as recent events have revealed, they are also more vulnerable than ever before.

Consumers are eager to invest their trust in healthcare organizations. It falls to us to honor that trust and deliver the insights to enable these organizations to design and deliver personalized healthcare experiences.

We must learn to better engage with patients—to understand their behaviors, preferences, wants, and needs—not just at the time of care, but throughout the totality of each individual’s life. We must move past the authoritative, top-down model of care delivery, and learn to build proactive partnerships instead. And we must reinvigorate our healthcare workforces through the power of human connection.

To accomplish all this, we must proceed as we always have: one patient—one person—at a time.

If we hope to move an entire industry, we must shift our attention to the individual person and regard our field with an “n=1” mindset. It is only in this way that we will truly learn that great care is about more than just clinical acumen.

It’s about connection. It’s about insight. It’s about real Human UnderstandingTM.

We look forward to the next 40 years.

Michael D. Hays, CEO