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Meeting the needs of customers through personalized care

Insights from WellStar Health System, St. Joseph Health, and more

It is a well-known fact that we live in a consumer-driven economy. Consumers in every industry have experienced personalized service for years, and have now come to expect the same kind of service from healthcare. Consumers, having become the largest payer in the market, are “shopping” for healthcare now more than ever. With higher-deductible health plans and more money needing to be paid out-of-pocket, the widespread expectation of transparency and customized care in healthcare is growing.

Did you know?1

  • 92% of consumers regularly view ratings/reviews online before purchasing products
  • 87% of consumers are online daily (and 39% visit WebMD)
  • 77% of consumers begin their healthcare search online
  • 45% of consumers look at online reviews before scheduling an appointment
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

According to Modern Healthcare,2 83% of CEOs admit that consumerism accounts for 25% of their strategic plan, and 75% expect that consumerism will make up 50% of their strategic plan in the next three to five years. The executive teams and boards of organizations that do not make consumers the focus of their organizational strategy, in addition to using them to differentiate themselves from their competition, leave their organizations open to being left behind as healthcare shifts and change accelerates in this industry.

Take Millennials as an example. There is a large opportunity to gain loyalty with this cohort, now the largest in the United States. According to NRC Health Market Insights,3 50% of this generation admits to being “extremely loyal” to their favorite brands. In fact, this generation is more loyal in general than previous generations—and experiencing personalized care at customer-centric health systems makes them so.

In your organization, are you currently discussing the question, “How can we leverage patient data to add value to patients and create a customized experience?”

Read this article to better understand how leading organizations like WellStar Health System and St. Joseph Health are focusing on a consumer experience rather than a patient experience. These forward-thinking organizations understand that consumers of all generations are currently looking for easy access and a feeling of importance in their interactions with healthcare systems. By creating a personalized experience, you help your organization meet the needs of its consumers. When those needs are met, consumers will return and use your organization throughout their healthcare journey. Additionally, you will see them promote their experience—your brand—online, in positive reviews for other consumers to see.

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