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120,000 patients, 100% coverage: Post-discharge calls with Transitions

During this time, many organizations across the nation are operating with all hands on deck. As we work to keep patients safe and well cared-for during the pandemic, we have encountered an increasing number of patients with questions and concerns after discharge. While some questions are less urgent than others, it is important for providers to be able to quickly and accurately identify those patients whose concerns are more pressing. That’s where post-discharge calls can make all the difference.

While some organizations already had a defined follow-up process in place prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many did not. Now, the question is more urgent than ever: How can an organization ensure that 100% of its patients are being called post-discharge, while simultaneously reducing the call burden for its already overloaded staff?

Read how Nebraska Medicine used NRC Health’s Care Transitions solution to follow up with 100% of their discharged patients. This new process enabled the organization to reach each patient with a call within 24–48 hours of discharge, without over-burdening the capabilities of Nebraska Medicine’s existing Medical Communications Team. Since implementing the solution, Nebraska Medicine has seen a 74% reduction in its follow-up-call lists.