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New case study: the story behind the amazing culture at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children has developed a remarkable culture for physicians.  In its 95 year history, only three physicians have ever left for reasons other than retirement.  Our detailed case study explores all of the elements which make up this unique culture where physicians collaborate and communicate in a way that translates into consistently high patient satisfaction.

Download the case study to find out how:

  • The same physician follows a child throughout their care journey
  • The physician, patient, and family make all decisions as a team
  • New patients are paired up with someone who has already been through treatment for a related condition

Our in-depth case study involved over 20 staff interviews to develop a comprehensive picture of what makes TSRHC tick.  We detail the components of their CARE RITE core values and how they are implemented in every part of the patient experience.

Download the full case study now.

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