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New hospital rankings based on consumer loyalty

Below is a preview of an article published August 27, 2018 on Healthcare Dive.

As the twin agents of consumerism and competition continue to hover over the provider sphere, hospital systems are scrambling to differentiate their facilities to retain an increasingly picky patient population. Many are investing heavily in outpatient services to offset their losses from shrinking admissions.

Recently, patients have come to expect more from their caregivers, such as a strong online presenceconvenience, flexibilitytransparency and a focus on customer service. In a recent survey, more than 80% of respondents reported that customer experience was the most important factor “influencing their loyalty” to a hospital except for quality of care.

Millennials are especially fickle, with 28% willing to switch to a different physician if their needs remain unmet (compared to just 16% of tried-and-true baby boomers). More telling, 44% reported they would be likely to switch in the next year.

“Consumers have more choice than they’ve ever had,” Brian Wynne. VP and General Manager at NRC Health, said in the press release. “Those hospitals that are proactive about cultivating and maintaining consumer loyalty will ultimately be the ones who will dominate the market.”

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