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A new year, new boomer cohort, and lots of new babies…

Megan Charko, MA, Program Manager, NRC Health

The start of a new year brings a time of reinvigoration, resolutions, and new behaviors that become—with perseverance—habits. This year brings many changes for National Research Corporation, now NRC Health. We’ve implemented new products that focus on real-time offerings that will help our partners bring even greater speed to hearing what their patients and loved ones are saying, and we continue to raise the bar on improving healthcare as an industry. NRC Health is proud to say our partners outperform the average for the patient experience they deliver every day, one patient, resident, or care provider at a time.

With the new year, we refine our focus to the only benchmark that matters: n=1. To meet needs on an individual level, a greater understanding of different population segments is required as you continue to tailor the dialogue.

The Millennial generation now outpaces traditional baby boomers as the largest generational cohort. Not only are Millennials having 9,000 babies a day, they also come with increased expectations when seeking services for their children: a hospital with a child-friendly environment for patient care, strong image, and a highly credible reputation.

Hospitals and healthcare providers should be engaging with Millennial parents early—even before they set foot in your door. Do you know the main methods of communication your Millennial population will tune in to when looking for hospital services? Do you know what outlets they use to get their information and knowledge?

To help hospitals stay ahead of the changing times and delivering pediatric care, NRC Health is offering a dynamic and interactive collaborative experience to kick off your 2017 the right way.

During our pediatric collaborative on February 23, 2017, you will gain the insights and best practices needed to implement and sustain a patient- and family-centered pediatric care culture. Attendees will learn and collaborate with pediatric leaders from across the nation and discover how to design care experiences that build trust and inspire loyalty.

Register here for this one-of-a-kind event to:

  • Identify how to improve the pediatric patient and family experience, and offer the best in patient-centered care.
  • Describe how to successfully personalize the pediatric care experience to enhance overall quality.,
  • Explain how to effectively use pediatric patient experience stories to motivate providers and staff.

Join myself and leaders from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, McLane Children’s, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, as we explore the generation of Millennials, gain an appreciation for how patient perspectives on care delivery can be understood in real-time, and hear transformative journeys from leading organizations in their search to build deeper human connection.

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