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Notes from the road: 2017 Executive Insights Forum

On May 16–18, NRC Health hosted the second annual Executive Insights Forum in Denver, Colorado. This event brings together healthcare executives and thought leaders from across the nation to network, share ideas, and highlight how they are partnering with NRC Health to improve the patient experience for every individual they care for. Many leading organizations were represented at this event, including Baylor Scott and White Health, Inova Health System, Sentara Medical Group, and Loma Linda University Health.

Executives from these organizations met to discuss various topics, focusing on the new mission of NRC Health: human understanding. One thing was made clear from event discussions: our partners are dedicated to helping us achieve our ultimate goal of improving the delivery of care, safety, and wellbeing to the patients, families, and communities we all serve. This blog will recap just a few of the key topics discussed at the 2017 Executive Insights Forum.

Delivering human understanding

Steve Jackson, president of NRC Health, shared various strategies and tactics that organizations can undertake to achieve human understanding. Steve shared many insights on this topic, including his top three takeaways:

  • Organizations must migrate toward consumer-centered relationships or face the probable outcome of acquisition or failure.
  • Organizations should position themselves, online and offline, to stay connected with those they care for.
  • Organizations need to think through every touchpoint on a patient’s journey in order to interact with their consumers with more immediacy, clarity, and depth. (Using a consumer-engagement framework is very helpful to visualize this idea; see our example below.)

The journey to becoming healthcare leaders and innovators

Dr. Sunita Mishra and Dr. Stephen Beeson joined attendees to share their insights as healthcare leaders and innovators. Attendees listened as the two doctors shared personal stories of the trials and tribulations they went through while working to enhance the patient experience. Key takeaways from this session included:

  • Clinicians desire connectivity with their colleagues and patients, and they want to have the tools and resources that make those connections easier to achieve.
  • Organizations must meet consumers where they are and provide services that extend far beyond the four walls of the traditional hospital.
  • Organizations should adopt an approach to innovation that celebrates both success and failure in order to see what works for them.

Infusing humanity into the customer experience

Bruce Temkin took to the podium to share his powerful, out-of-industry insights on the customer experience. Bruce shared that there are three components to a valuable customer experience:

  • Success: the degree to which customers can accomplish their goals
  • Effort: the difficulty or ease customers experience in accomplishing their goals
  • Emotion: how interactions make customers feel

Intuitively, all of these components make sense. However, Bruce said, the component of emotion is often under-emphasized, especially in the healthcare industry. Bruce utilized compelling data and examples to showcase why focusing on empathy and the emotional state of patients is a powerful differentiator for all healthcare organizations, especially in the current conditions of healthcare consumerism.

NRC Health partner showcase and idea exchange

At the event, four NRC Health partner organizations shared highlights about the specific initiatives they have undertaken and the NRC Health solutions they use to help propel their organizations toward achieving the goal of human understanding. This session was designed to foster shared learning and promote idea exchanges. Here is a recap of this year’s partner showcases:

  • MU Health

Kevin Gwin, Chief Experience Officer

Kevin Gwin shared how he approaches loyalty scientifically by gathering and understanding data, paying special attention to the Net Promoter Score. He underlined the important role that data should play in driving consumer loyalty.

  • Sentara Healthcare

Mary Sue Easmeil, Director, Patient Experience

Sentara set a goal for its physicians to “Get Better, Feel Better, Lead Better.” The organization implemented an evidence-based, relevant, and timely skill-building program derived from Practicing Excellence in order to help their physicians reach this goal. The physicians who took part in the program experienced improvement in their survey results and self-reported wellbeing, and some even emerged into new leadership roles.

  • Inova Health System

Rob Birgfeld, AVP and Chief Digital Marketing Officer

Rob focused on a top-of-mind issue in healthcare: embracing transparency. He shared that embracing transparency is key to helping Inova deliver a more consumer-centric digital experience that is consistent with their goal of being a global leader in personalized health.

  • SCL Health System

John Berg, Vice President, Marketing

John understands the critical importance of branding in healthcare. Branding can be extremely difficult, and John shared his knowledge on how to make it easier. Among other things, attendees learned that brand research is essential to setting the right course: if consumers see, recognize, recall, and value your brand, they are more likely to develop a loyalty to your organization.

The Executive Insights Forum covered all of these topics and much more. Are you interested in attending an NRC Health event to learn more about similar topics and get the opportunity to share ideas with your peers? We invite you to join us in August at our 23rd Annual NRC Health Symposium, where attendees will network with peers, learn how to achieve human understanding, and discuss various top-of-mind subjects in healthcare. We hope to see you there!