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NRC Health announces new tool: Product Playbook

NRC Health is excited to announce the availability of a new tool to help healthcare organizations gain a deeper understanding of their customers. The Product Playbook for experience brings proven best practices from 300+ organizations that have benefited from embracing our experience-based approach through Real-time feedback.
NRC Health’s VP of Product Sanjay Motwani said, “Over the last five years, we have partnered with hundreds of healthcare organizations to define and shape experience outcomes. We’ve done this by preventing outmigration through service recovery, improving clinician engagement through skill-building tools, and driving process-improvement initiatives through actionable insights.” Now this work has resulted in a new asset for NRC Health’s partners: the Product Playbook. The playbook empowers you to develop your own unique experience model while avoiding many of the risks and efforts related to starting from scratch. The playbook is a living tool, and NRC Health will continue to co-innovate with our extensive network of healthcare partners to uncover new best practices.

The Product Playbook for experience focuses on five core questions:

  • How do I give a voice to my customers?
  • How do I maximize the number of responses I receive?
  • How do I optimize feedback?
  • How do I find and share insights?
  • How do I affect change in the consumer experience?

The Product Playbook for experience is available to all NRC Health customers and users of our Real-time solution. Please contact your customer success manager for additional details.