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NRC Health at NGPX: Hitting the reset button post-COVID

The phrase “new normal” may feel trite and uninspired, but its continued use points to an inescapable reality as healthcare organizations attempt to unravel consumer expectations and outline future strategies in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Earlier this month, NRC Health’s Greg Makoul chaired and spoke on the opening CXO panel at the Next Generation Patient Experience conference in Palm Springs, entitled “The New New Normal: Hitting the Reset Button Post-COVID.” The panel group—which also included Cassandra Crowe-Jackson of Sharp HealthCare, Jennifer Baron of UC Davis Health, and Christine Cunningham of El Camino Health—examined what a “new new normal” looks like, addressed the new hybrid work model, discussed how to evaluate an organization’s core values in a post-COVID world, and showed where healthcare can go from here.

Watch the video below to hear the opening remarks and panel’s discussion.