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NRC Health Canada is pleased to announce its approval by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) as a Canadian Patient Experiences Reporting System (CPERS) Licensed Vendor.

NRC Health will field for CPERS during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The Canadian Patient Experiences Survey (CPES) enables patients to provide feedback about the quality of care they received during their most recent stay in a Canadian hospital. NRC Health will use Canadian Patient Experience survey instruments to aid hospitals in their assessments of patient experiences with care, promote the use of patient experience to inform the delivery of patient-centred care, and provide quality improvement initiatives. While meeting CIHI’s requirement to field CPES, NRC Health will continue to provide real-time results for quality improvement and a platform for national comparisons and  benchmarking for the measurement of patient experience.

NRC Health provides integrated delivery of patient experience research and evidence-based best practices designed to improve patient-centred care. NRC Health survey instruments and improvement tools are built on the foundation of more than 7,000 interviews and focus groups conducted by the Picker Institute and Harvard University. This groundbreaking research identified what matters most to patients and yielded
the Eight Dimensions of Patient-Centred Care.

“The CPES survey is a prime example of how Canadian healthcare is making it a priority for providers to be more accountable and transparent with their delivery of care,” said Helen Hrdy, Senior Vice President of Client Service at NRC Health. “We are thrilled to be an approved vendor with the Canadian Institute for Health Information and join them on their journey to improve the health for Canadian residents.” Canadian hospitals and healthcare organizations can learn more about fielding the CPES survey by clicking here.

About NRC Health Canada

NRC Health helps healthcare providers measure and improve the experience customers have as they interact with every point of the health care system. As the Canadian arm of NRC Health, we have been at the forefront of patient-centred care for more than 30 years and offer unmatched national and international benchmarking capabilities. Our comprehensive
approach to integrated research, evidence-based practice recommendations, and quality improvement helps providers achieve improved individual, organizational, and system outcomes.

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