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NRC Health rebrand: The why and how of human understanding

A true rebrand is more than a color and a logo. It goes beyond a fancy new tagline. As we reintroduce National Research Corporation as NRC Health, we want to share with our partners and the healthcare industry at-large our vision—how we will deliver human understanding.

Healthcare has changed drastically since our company’s founding over 35 years ago. Technology is different. Care delivery is different. Consumer expectations are different. We have always been about helping our partners deliver the best care experiences, but as healthcare has evolved, so should we to serve our partners.

In listening to our partners’ wants and needs, we sought ways to take them further, faster. We have the unique opportunity to help them know those they care for with greater clarity, immediacy, and depth. Through our empathetic heritage, proprietary methods, and holistic approach, we will help our partners design experiences that inspire loyalty and trust.

This is going to change everything. From the products we develop—including our new real-time feedback solution —to the way we engage with our partners to anticipate their needs. It will drive our culture and the spirit that inspires us to innovate.

Watch the video below and see how NRC Health and our associates will live our promise: enabling human understanding.

—Steve Jackson, President of NRC Health