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NRC Health reflects on the past year and a new mission

One year ago today, we reintroduced National Research Corporation as NRC Health.

We did it because we saw the shifts in the healthcare landscape, and we wanted to bring a new vision to our partners and to the industry. Changing our brand was our way of announcing our commitment to genuine insight and empathetic connection—to real human understanding.

During our first year as NRC Health, it’s been gratifying to see our partners share this commitment with us. They, too, recognize evolving patient expectations, and saw early on that their organizations would have to evolve with them. It’s been our pleasure to help these outstanding health system partners embrace the new consumerism in healthcare to deliver the care experiences that patients deserve.

But by no means do these changes stop at facilities’ doors. Now more than ever, patient loyalty and satisfaction arises from interactions that happen outside the hospital. Patients want transparency from their providers; they want to feel connected with their doctors; they want to have a voice in how their hospitals serve them. NRC Health is proud to offer the tools that enable providers to meet these demands.

And this is just the start. To deliver on the promise of our brand, we’ll keep innovating new ways to deepen the connection between providers and patients. In the next year, we’ll premiere new solutions that will drive a more holistic understanding of what patients want.

It’s this pursuit of understanding that animates everything we do. We’re grateful that you’re part of it, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Thank you for an auspicious start to a new vision for healthcare.

Your friends at NRC Health