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NRC Health’s top five articles to finish out your summer reading

Consumer preferences are constantly evolving, and the healthcare industry needs to find ways to move faster and meet the needs of our growing population. Striving to become customer-obsessed is where we are headed, and we urge our partners to join us on this journey.

We strive to deliver insightful, useful content to help healthcare leaders navigate these sweeping changes. As the summer comes to a close, we thought it would be appropriate to provide you with a list of five articles you may want to look back on while you finish out your summer reading series.

1. Don’t just talk about loyalty—commit to it

There’s no escaping it: “loyalty” has become a buzzword in the world of healthcare. Striving to earn loyalty from your customers reflects a sincere commitment to serving the patient. Many consultants, marketers, and healthcare organizations echo the need for loyalty, but have trouble meeting it.

Read this article to reflect on what the pursuit of loyalty really looks like. How can we tell the difference between organizations that are really achieving customer loyalty, and those that just pay lip service to it?

2. Executive Q & A series

The healthcare landscape is shifting—and shifting faster than anyone could have predicted. Everyone in the industry faces novel challenges as they navigate their institutions into the future, and uncertainty abounds. But one thing is clear: we’ll need diverse perspectives on every issue if we’re to find meaningful ways to move forward.

Check out these links below for further discussion from our healthcare leaders, to see how they are innovating and learn the ways in which their organizations are striving to become customer-obsessed.

3. Ease is the new experience: Why making care easy will keep patients coming back

Your hold on your customers might be less secure than you think.

Many healthcare leaders take pride in their organizations’ exceptional care, and believe that the care experiences they provide form a lasting bond between patient and institution. They might think—or hope—that patients rarely leave a provider they like. However, research from NRC Health and MetroHealth System in Cleveland, Ohio, suggests that a great experience is not enough to keep patients coming back. The threshold for patient loyalty is, in fact, startlingly low: 80 percent of patients in an NRC Health survey reported that “convenience factors” would be enough to make them switch.

Read this white paper to learn the opinions of MetroHealth’s Chief Experience Officer, Dr. Sara Laskey, on the topic of convenience. Additionally, you may want to think about this question yourself: “What have you done to make things easier for your patients?”

4. 290,000 patients agree—your website matters

NRC Health’s National Healthcare Consumer Study is designed to find out what consumers want from their healthcare providers. A close look at the data from this year’s study brought some important takeaways to light.

Read this article to discover what patients want to see as it relates to consumer demands for hospital websites, including the most important digital impression you can make on your consumers.

5. Only in healthcare

Healthcare is an exceptional industry. No other sector of the economy functions quite like it.

It’s awash in contradictions. It’s a free market with constricted choices; it’s tightly regulated but difficult to control; and while nobody wants to become a patient, nearly everyone will at some point.

We’ve said it before: many organizations operate with an “if you build it, they will come” mentality. Daily, we see examples of flaws in this reasoning. It also gives rise to another kind of exceptionalism, of which the healthcare industry should not be proud.

Read this article to understand why health organizations, like any kind of business, depend on their reputations. They’re subject to disruption from competition. Most importantly, and now more than ever before, they’re accountable to their customers.

That means patients need a reason to keep coming back to you. Don’t let an “only in healthcare” mentality keep your organization from giving it to them.

Stay tuned for more exciting content to come this fall. We’re looking forward to another season of bringing patient perspectives into focus! Thank you again for reading.