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National Research Enters into Five-Year Agreement to Measure Patient Experience with the Ontario Hospital Association

In a letter to OHA members, NRC President Steve Jackson spoke to innovative new solutions that incorporate client input and drive technological advancements in the field. Multiple survey modes and an array of real-time, point-of-care patient surveying services, coupled with dynamic, actionable, web-based reporting will allow OHA members to improve care experiences better and faster than ever before.

“Our partnership with OHA is not just about measuring experience, but also about improving the lives of Canadians by understanding and delivering on their healthcare needs and preferences. A more patient-centered approach can empower all of us to make the difference we set out to make, not just in the lives of patients and their families, but also in entire communities,” Jackson said.

About National Research Corporation

For more than 30 years, National Research Corporation (NASDAQ: NRCIA and NRCIB) has been at the forefront of patient-centered care. Today the company’s focus on empowering customer-centric healthcare across the continuum extends patient-centered care to incorporate families, communities, employees, senior housing residents, and other stakeholders.

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