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Patient loyalty supports value-based care

Below is a preview of an article published August 27, 2018 on Patient Engagement HIT.

Building strong patient loyalty has become a key goal in an increasingly competitive healthcare industry. In order to survive amongst the numerous healthcare options on the market, healthcare organizations need to become patients’ trusted partners and their go-to confidante when they fall ill.

That much has always been clear, according to Robert Braithwaite, the CEO of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian. Healthcare professionals have always known that they must deliver quality clinical outcomes while ensuring patients are satisfied with their care experience.

Whether or not meeting those demands was easy is up to debate, but it has certainly become key in becoming the clinic of choice for sick patients.

“Most of the metric systems that healthcare – the payers, the federal government, providers – have focused on have mostly been about qualitative metrics in the clinical space,” Braithwaite said in a recent interview with PatientEngagementHIT.com. “Patient outcomes, from a clinical perspective.”

But now there is another factor organizations must add to their laundry lists of healthcare priorities: patient loyalty.

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