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Patient satisfaction to play significant role in 2017 consumer loyalty

As healthcare organizations compete for patients in 2017, improving the patient experience will become a critical organizational focus. Not only is patient satisfaction becoming increasingly tied to provider compensation, leveraging the voice of the patient is essential to improving quality of care and driving patient loyalty. Healthcare organizations need to prioritize patient satisfaction and patient communication if they wish to grow their customer base.

Strategies to increase patient loyalty:

  • Monitor patient satisfaction, performance, and benchmarking to drive improvement
  • Analyze your social media channels—does your content drive consumer engagement?
  • Understand and develop patient engagement and “stickiness” strategies that work for your organization and your consumers

Patient experience is at the heart of NRC Health—helping our partners understand the people they care for with greater clarity, immediacy, and depth. Our solutions guide healthcare organizations toward designing experiences that inspire patient loyalty and trust. Learn more about our solutions.

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