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Daring Patient No Longer podcast delights healthcare leaders with trends and answers

NRC Health’s Patient No Longer podcast debuted in 2021 to investigate how industry leaders have overcome challenges to create Human Understanding, one person at a time.

The podcast—which creates connections to drive organizational change, innovative strategies for patient retention, and digital technologies—takes you inside the minds of healthcare leaders and innovators who are inspiring a positive shift in the customer experience.

Each episode is a deep dive into compelling strategic initiatives that transform the healthcare consumer journey. In case you missed it, here are some fan favorites among this year’s episodes:

How Empathy in Journey Mapping Makes or Breaks an Experience

“The visual nature of journey mapping, which helps connect people with the human side of that data, is really, really important,” says Jennifer Baron, Chief Experience Officer at UC Davis Health. “You can see that gap of experience always widening at those transition points. With journey mapping, you have that visual representation that can also drive better collaboration and teamwork among your teams as they understand how to share responsibility for those points of transition across a patient’s journey.”

Another aspect Baron points out as critical is engaging leadership in a conversation about loyalty and how a patient’s journey impacts loyalty, growth, and retention, because that’s a measure of growth for a healthcare system.

The Role of Emotions on Marketing, and Why You Should Lead with Love

“When life gets tough, we work to surround the consumer with all the care they need in a way that makes them feel loved,” says Jeff Shoemate, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at Allina Health. “We talk about love a lot because, at the end of the day, that sense of security is the ultimate delivery of what we are trying to do.”

Shoemate says the key to bringing digital and human-centered care to life is looking at the cost and fragmentation of a consumer’s experience.

“With brand building, we have to get the basics right to deliver a promise at a higher level,” he says. “Trust is the antidote to fear. It helps you get to the point of feeling that this brand you trust ‘has got you.’ Digital is a big enabler of that. This industry is way behind on being able to deliver that ability to communicate, and personalize the communication in a relevant way.”

If you’re interested in learning how healthcare leaders approach their industry and find meaning within it, you won’t want to miss this podcast series.

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