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Radically simplified feedback: Real-time results at a large health system

Alerted to emerging trends of consumerism in the marketplace, leadership at a large academic health system in the Midwest devoted their attention to improving patient satisfaction. To guide their efforts, they solicited patient feedback. With more than a dozen hospitals in their organization, however, the feedback process quickly became complex.

More than 30 different survey instruments emerged across the system, each consisting of 60 to 80 questions, and all delivered on paper through the mail. Response times were sluggish, sometimes taking two months or more. Predictably, patient response rates floundered.

This system’s leaders saw a need for change. They wanted to radically simplify their survey process, drive up patient response rates, and move beyond episodic satisfaction scores into longitudinal measures of patient loyalty.

For all this, they turned to NRC Health. Click here to view the full case study.