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First look: 2023 Experience Perspective

Do you and your organization have the right data and insights to make the most informed decisions for the year ahead? Are you ready to implement strategies that will build your brand, grow patient loyalty, improve outcomes, and return joy to the practice of medicine?

Check out this exclusive webcast for the first look at NRC Health’s 2023 Experience Perspective and Trends Report to be among the first to access the full report.

Building on data from millions of patients, consumers, and healthcare workers, and input from hundreds of healthcare executives, NRC Health hosts Gregory Makoul, Chief Transformation Officer, and Ryan Donohue, Strategic Advisor, discussed strategic insights and trends from our research, including a special focus on:

– Putting the fundamentals of patient experience first
– Leveraging Human Understanding® to build patient trust and loyalty
– Patient perspectives on quality
– The value of building equity by treating everyone as a unique person
– A new and different perspective on benchmarks

And we’ll show you the most important trends from 2022, where the industry is headed, and why there’s reason to be optimistic.