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Full report | Looking Back. Thinking Forward.

Over the course of 2023, the Human Understanding Institute produced 10 nSights – focused briefs that use NRC Health data and expertise to illuminate issues at the intersection of healthcare delivery and Human Understanding®.

Snapshot | AI in Healthcare: Promise and Pitfalls

Healthcare is a powerful example of how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world. There is real promise in AI-driven care, ranging from optimizing scheduling and streamlining operational processes to facilitating diagnoses, tailoring treatment plans, and personalizing care.

Full report | AI in Healthcare: Promise and Pitfalls

The use of AI in healthcare is in its infancy – ChatGPT was launched a year ago – and while there is certainly reason for optimism around the new technology, we must be transparent about its uses and circumspect about its capabilities.

Snapshot | The ‘Ouch’ Factor of Billing and Payment

Healthcare brands – organizations providing healthcare – face an invisible and intimidating force: homogenization. The pandemic further knotted healthcare brands together in consumers’ minds and created a full-on brand blur. This nSight highlights 5 key points.
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