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Service with distinction—16 of 20 honor roll hospitals use NRC Health

Every year the US News & World Report (USNWR) compares more than 4,500 medical centers to produce its Best Hospitals rankings. Only the top 20 hospitals that excel across several of 25 different specialty areas make it to the USNWR Honor Roll—the true best of the best. And NRC Health is honored to partner with 16 of these 20, including the three-year incumbent number-one organization, the Mayo Clinic.

The accolades are well deserved. These organizations dedicate themselves to delivering a superior experience, surpassing expectations on quality, service, and access. Among the honorees are distinguished names like Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

But what exactly are these organizations doing differently? How do they come to elevate what they offer to their patients? Alan Dubovsky, Cedars-Sinai’s chief patient experience officer, articulates the attitude that helps propel these organizations to the peak of performance.

“Our customers are not just consumers,” he says. “In fact they’re not just patients. They’re human beings. So we need to constantly remind ourselves that in order to do the right thing for them, in the right way, at the right time, with the right resources, we need to understand them.”

We need to understand them. It’s a position that few would dispute, but that few truly commit themselves to. That commitment is almost certainly what helps organizations win their place in the Honor Roll. It’s NRC Health’s great pride to help organizations see this commitment through.

Whether by offering unprecedented insight via the country’s largest consumer healthcare database, or by driving deeper understanding through innovative patient feedback collection, or by giving patients the transparency they want from their providers, or by helping hospitals guide their patients through the entire continuum of care, NRC Health’s solutions advance the understanding that healthcare leaders need to serve their patients better.

However, the real measure of an organization’s success isn’t just their achievement of that level of insight. It’s what they do with it. The 20 health systems in the Honor Roll have shown that they know how to execute on a vision of care, premised on a genuine understanding of their patients.

Congratulations to them! They’ve earned their place among the country’s most prestigious healthcare institutions. We look forward to continued service of their pursuit of excellence.