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Seventy-five percent of America’s top healthcare organizations partner with NRC. Here’s why.

After 37 years of operation, NRC Health has reached an extraordinary milestone. Of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States, 75% have selected NRC Health to be their consumer-intelligence partner.

This vote of confidence from the marketplace is as humbling as it is validating. It also invites the question: what draws these organizations’ leaders to invest their trust in NRC Health?

In any industry, sustainable partnerships only arise from a sense of alignment, from shared values that move both partners forward in the pursuit of common goals.

Below, some of our partners share their perspective on what those values are—and how NRC Health has proven instrumental in upholding them.


Achieving consumer insight

Perhaps most important to these partners is the degree to which NRC Health empowers their work. This is achieved through the company’s enduring commitment to better understanding healthcare customers.

“One crucial component of our work with NRC is their focus on improving performance,” says Chris Siebenaler, CEO of Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in Houston, Texas. “The focus is on, how do we get information back quicker from our patients, and how do we improve based on that?”

NRC’s special attention to healthcare’s youngest consumers is especially helpful for Lisa Schiller, chief experience officer at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. “Unique among vendors, NRC has pediatric benchmarks, which is really important to us,” she says.

Jon Roberts, MD, of Driscoll Children’s Hospital, believes that this insight extends even into clinical work, illuminating the role he plays in creating the patient experience. “This partnership with NRC has given me a much richer view of medicine,” he says.

Fostering collaboration

Another essential part of a healthy partnership: humility. Each partner must acknowledge their relative strengths and vulnerabilities, and recognize that collaboration is the best way forward. NRC Health deliberately cultivates that collaborative spirit in its partnerships, most notably through its annual Symposium—now approaching its 25th year.

“Our ability to learn from each other is very important, and NRC brings that opportunity to us,” says Lori Moler, VP of Customer Service at Children’s Hospital of Alabama. “At the Symposium I can come together with my colleagues from all over the country and share ideas.”

Cindy Burger, VP and chief experience officer at Dayton Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, expresses similar gratitude for NRC Health’s role as host. “NRC has proven to be a kind of vehicle for bringing people together,” she says, “especially through the Pediatric Collaborative Event. It’s a great way to talk to people who are having the same issues we have, facing the same questions we do.”

Authentic partnership

What ultimately attracts these healthcare leaders, though, is the sincerity of purpose behind NRC Health’s mission.

To Kevin Gwin, chief patient experience officer at University of Missouri Healthcare, working with NRC doesn’t seem like an ordinary vendor relationship. “I felt more of a partnership with them, as we’re chasing the same goals,” he says. “As an organization, we want to be with NRC wherever they’re going, because they’re going in the right direction.”

This optimistic view of the future is something shared by another experience executive, Jason Ruda, who is the chief experience officer at CareMount Medical in New York. “We’re early in our journey, but we have a great partner in NRC,” he says. “They’ve been exceptional in meeting us where we are, and helping to take us where we need to be.”

Serving you—so you can serve them

To serve patients better, organizations must engage in the continuous pursuit of clarity. They have to achieve an understanding of their customers—one informed by data and followed through with rigorous institutional support. This is the direction that Kevin Gwin spoke of: the place, as Jason Ruda put it, “where we need to be.”

That place is not a destination. It’s a journey to human understanding. Though that journey never really ends, it’s NRC Health’s distinct privilege to help guide organizations along the way.