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Contact 100% of discharged patients within 24 hours

NRC Health Transitions leverages technology to drive effective communication between healthcare providers and patients in the critical 24-72 hours post discharge.  Through automated communications and real-time alerting, our Transitions solution enables organizations to identify and manage high risk patients to reduce readmissions, increase patient satisfaction, and support safe transitions.


High-risk patients can be hard to identify

While the majority of patients will make a safe and healthy transition from the hospital, research shows that nearly 20% percent of patients will require additional transition support. However, high patient volumes and low availability of non-patient care nursing time make it nearly impossible for staff to reach out to all patients.

Standardizing the discharge call process is the only way to ensure that calls are made timely and  consistently and that patient feedback is quantified and used for rapid process improvement.

Why choose us?

Contact 100% of patients

Leveraging technology allows hospitals to cost-effectively contact every discharged patient including Emergency Department and Outpatient visits.

Actionable Real-Time Feedback

Consistent and daily contact with patients provides hospitals with a database of objective, accurate and predictive patient feedback.

Analytics for Process Improvement

Automatically compile data that supports the impact of the improvements.  Push reports to leadership, unit managers, and other key decision makers.

Proven outcomes vs. proven benefits

Immediately Resolve Clinical and Service Issues

Timely and comprehensive patient outreach means issues are identified immediately and can be addressed in time to make a difference

Reduce Staff Time and Resources by 80%

Hospital resources are allocated to only those patients identified as high-risk significantly reducing the amount of staff time and resources needed to follow up with patients.

Improve Patient Experiences

Patients that receive a discharge call provide higher ratings of the hospital across all HCAHPS composites.

Reduce readmissions

Patients that receive a discharge call readmit at a lower rate than patients that do not receive a call.

Leading organizations trust NRC Health

NRC Health Transitions is the leading provider of discharge call solutions.  Find out why hundreds of healthcare organizations trust NRC Health to power their transitions programs.  Contact us today for a demo or to learn more.