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Prevent outmigration with personalized care experiences and services.

Most people today have an unprecedented number of options for care and wellness. And healthcare systems stand to lose big considering the average lifetime value of a patient is $1.4 million. To prevent outmigration and earn lifetime consumer loyalty, healthcare providers must shift focus from tracking satisfaction to retaining customers and growing loyalty. This requires proper insight into the experiences, wants, needs, and expectations of those you serve.

NRC Health lets you view experiences not as single episodes, but as longitudinal patient relationships.

Here's how

Gain a deep understanding of customer experiences and preferences.

Our Customer Intelligence Platform allows you to see customers longitudinally. Learn more →

Design personalized experiences that inspire loyalty.

We leverage technologies to outreach to all customers and provide Real-time Feedback. Learn more →

Minimize critical service flashpoints.

We surface issues within a Service Recovery workflow to convert detractors to promoters. Learn more →

Convert customer experiences into brand strength.

NRC Health seamlessly converts trusted feedback to Star Ratings and Reviews. Learn more →