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The value of sharing

Word of mouth has become “word of review” for today’s healthcare customers.

NRC Health’s Transparency solutions allow our partners to share a true picture of the care their organizations provide and ensure that information reaches those looking for answers.

Our star ratings solution enables healthcare organizations to publish their verified patient feedback—from any patient experience data already being collected—to provider profile pages. This timely and relevant content is what consumers look for.


Provider profiles with ratings and stories from real patients inform better consumer decision-making. And, sharing this feedback internally illuminates areas of improvement for providers.

Monitor patient voices across the Web

In addition to publishing your own patient feedback, our reputation monitoring solution
alerts your organization to ratings and reviews on third-party websites and provides
workflows for response and service recovery. With reputation monitoring you can:

• Centralize all reviews from over 40 review sites in one location.
• Send automated notifications of new reviews to your inbox.
• Sort and filter reviews to prioritize strategic follow-up.

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Transparency: Top five takeaways


The right information

The content in patient reviews aligns with what consumers intuitively search for online, boosting organic SEO.


The right places

Being at the top of search engine results—with a star rating included—drives more traffic to your website.


An accurate picture

Ratings calculated from patient feedback are often a full point higher than those found elsewhere online.


Share the feedback

Give providers access to scorecards that monitor their improvement as well as their peers.


Make impactful changes

Use insights from these highly visible patient stories to drive changes that matter most to them.